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Access to the Broadcom NDIS2 driver file (B57.dos). This file is located on the Dell-provided driver source media in the DOS Utilities package, or any of the DOS) available here tiwonki.com/download/public/drivers/nic/ndis2/B57/B57.dos 4. PROTOCOL.INI file configured appropriately. A sample is shown below 13 Apr 2009 I am running an older version of ALTIRIS ( I am not set up as a PXEX server), I am just running DS V6.1) and use it strictly for deploying/creating Windows NT Server 4.0 CD-ROM; A blank MS-DOS system disk (3.5" high-density floppy disk); Access to the Broadcom NDIS2 driver file (B57.dos). This file is [network drivers] ;netcard=elnk3.dos ;netcard=pcntnd.dos netcard=b57.dos transport=ndishlp.sys,*netbeui devdir=A:\NET LoadRMDrivers=yes 1 Jul 2007 This package provides the Ethernet driver for DOS and OS/2. NDIS2: B57.dos, 10.03 (RELEASE 10.0.5), DOS. NDIS2: B57.OS2, 9.12 We are trying to boot an SX270 with Dos using Bart's Network Boot disk. I have downloaded the lastest Dos driver from the Dell site and created 4 Aug 2005 Overwrite the b57.dos file in the Boot Wizard, or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Ghost\Templates – b57.dos. 3.3.2 Installing the NDIS2 Driver Software for Use on MS-DOS Platforms .. 26. 3.3.3 Installing the DOS NDIS2 3.3.5 Using Keywords for the B57.dos Drivers .

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