Important Regulations for Italy Tourist Visa

I am very much sure that almost everyone wants to visit Italy. It has a lot to offer-- amazing landscapes, ancient history, sunshine, friendly people and, obviously, exceptional wine and even more delicious food. Italy is a world’s top tourist destination that catching the attention of tourists for its ancient monuments, art treasures, beautiful coasts, artistic heritage, picturesque lakes, wonderful views of the mountains and Mediterranean Sea. If you want to see these incredible sights and experience its beauty then you have to apply for Italy tourist visa. Process of italy tourist visa for Indians is even very simple and with some knowledge you can easily apply.

You should understand that Italy is Schengen Agreement’s member, and visitors can directly apply for tourist Schengen visa that is even applicable for the period of 90 days in Italy.  Before you apply for a visa, you should confirm that you have a legitimate passport. Also confirm that the passport must be applicable for the period of minimum 3 months from your journey date to Italy. In this way, Italian representatives will identify that you have the right to enter again your nation after expiration date of your visa.

Visa Application Forms

The italy tourist visa application has to be finished by all the applicants with maximum care. The visa application forms are available without any cost and can even be downloaded from authorized websites. All the claimants who have standard visa applications are permitted to take the hard copy of italy visa online. Earlier than you are applying, clearly declare your reason of visiting the Italy. When you are applying for Italy Visa, you must know the italy visa process. You can also contact certified agents throughout their working hours. For visiting the wonderful country Italy, you must have following documents -

·         Properly completed and signed Form in Italian or English

·         Legal Passport with minimum validity of 3 months from the departure date to Italy and all the official procedure about the passport accordingly completed.

·         Sufficient funds for the time of Italy stay

·         Round travel trip booking as well as hotel stay, papers for travelling itineary

·         Genuine verification of the applicant’s financial status

The italy tourist visa fees for each application is just about 60 Euros and you can’t get refund of this fees. For the time of payment you must select the online transaction mode as Visa/Master, both debit and credit card are accepted.

Normally the visa application is processed within the period of 15 calendar days, when the application is presented by an agent. This time period doesn’t contain application form submission day, national holidays and weekends. The time period can be extended till 30 days. The official service agents cost some additional fees for every visa request. All the people that are applying for Italy visa have to meet up the basic needs like holding an appropriate passport, as well as ticket for the destination. If you are all set then you can easily get your Italy tourist visa.