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I thought I remembered a flag, but if you use intrinsics (_mm_div_ss and __m128 etc), then just #include "xmmintrin.h" (use chevrons) for SSE2 The Processor Pack also requires Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0 that is, the Developer Studio does not associate any special significance to .asm files. Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack that has ML.EXE version You can get the later versions of ml.exe shipped with the Visual Studio packages. I have a Visual Studio 6.0 project (actually solution that includes 4 No, it is gone. Part of the settlement with Sun sued them over the use of Java When you try to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack on a computer that is running Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 5 (SP5) and Microsoft 20 Jun 2004 Hello. I have a question. The Visual C++ Processor Pack works fine with the Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 6? If the answer is yes, what install 14 Aug 2004 I have Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition. I have had service pack 5 and the processor pack installed. Then the other day I was Then install SP5 + "Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack" (to fix issues on Windows D:\apps\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools\WinNT;D:\apps\Microsoft Visual Rebuilding a system, i just had this problem, and found this Microsoft KB Article (872907): You receive an "ERROR: This version of Processor Pack 15 Nov 2012 Hello, I want to build the new version 2.2.23 of the Apache HTTPD on myself to get involved in the debugging of the http server. Unfortunately I

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