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27 Feb 2013 Super looking forward to Friday night at the Billy Wilder Theater for a screening of Joseph H. Lewis' GUN CRAZY at UCLA Film & Television 19 Jan 1999 The definitive Joseph H. Lewis-directed melodrama, Gun Crazy is the "Bonnie and Clyde" story retooled for the disillusioned postwar 3 Mar 2013 “I never owned one and could care less about guns,” said the gentle-spirited Russ Tamblyn before a sold-out house at the Billy Wilder Theater Gun Crazy (Passed) (1950) Watch Online in HD at iOnlineMovies! In Gun Crazy, A well meaning crack shot husband is pressured by his beautiful marksman 5 Feb 2016 Gun Crazy (1950). Before there was a New Hollywood, there was Gun Crazy. Joseph H. Lewis' kinetic, psychosexual B-movie (alternate title: 12 Jul 2016 As many people already know I am a fan of film noir though there are many, many movies of that genre I've yet to see and Gun Crazy was one Explore Skype Retro, Vintage Skype, and more! Life of a 50s Housewife | 1950's Wife's Guide: Women: 1950 vs. Pez candy space gun dispensers GUN CRAZY / HE RAN ALL THE WAY. GUN CRAZY. 1950, Warner Bros., 86 min, USA, Dir: Joseph H. Lewis. A young man (John Dall) infatuated with firearms campaign for Maximidia Seminars, the ads are pure vintage and esthetically appealing. The taglines and copy are written in a way that sounds dated as well. Overview of Gun Crazy, 1950, directed by Joseph H. Lewis, with Peggy Cummins, John Dall, Berry Kroeger, at Turner Classic Movies.

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