Boom Beach Hack


Boom Beach is a strategy game created by Supercell and it was first released on 11 November 2013 in Canada with only a few players having access to the game. It was later on widely released/distributed in 26 March 2014 and has become one of the most successful games among with Clash of Clans and Hay Day, both from Supercell


Set in a tropical archipelago here the player has an opportunity to fight enemy forces with a unique fight and economy system. Build buildings, recruit and upgrade troops, collect gunboat weaponry and plan their own offensive, defensive or balanced strategies to roam to victory


Offensive tactics are described as the ones that you try to focus on offensive units in order to crush your opponent as fast as possible while defensive tactics are the ones where you use defensive buildings to defend your opponents attacks until you have enough troops to destroy them over time, but there are a lot more and all lead to the same objective, crush the Blackguard Base. You might find a lot of strategies online


Boom Beach is one of the best strategies game for Android and iOS that was developed by the studio Supercell, the same creator of other games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day.The game is both single-player and multi-player; however, the multi-player game mode requires a connection to the Internet.There are a lot of buildings that range from economy buildings to defensive and support ones. There is also a lot of different troops from rifleman’s to warriors and even that tanks you can upgrade. There is also a lot of weaponry to collect like shock bombs Boom Beach Hack  barrages or even flares.The economic system of the game consists of gold, wood, stone, iron and diamonds.


 There a lot of different strategies being the most common the meat shield, where users use troops with high hit points to “tank” most of the damage or lot’s of small troops to “meat shield” the ones that will deal the damage. There are also some  defensive technics such as sparing the different building in order to make the enemy arterially much less effective. Other known strategies include rush or rushing which consists of creating a large number of small cost troops in order to defeat the enemy in a matter of few minutes and Sniping.


Most of the game is free, but there are certain things such as diamonds that you need to pay with real money. Such types of games are called freemiuim games which means to attack the enemy headquarters using boom cannons, mortars or even rocket launchers Boom Beach Hacks These diamonds can be extremely useful to finish off upgrades as fast as possible that is amazingly useful to destroy your enemies. The best Boom Beach Hacks help you inject diamonds in your boom beach game which can be used as leverage in your war to defeat the master of all evil The Blackguard