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SAMPLE I-SEARCH PAPER LIVING WITH ASTHMA What I Already Knew / What I Wanted to Know (appx 1 page ds) "Well, Annie, it looks like you have asthma," our family Internet Search Strategies; MLA format and documentation; Research; Library Catalog; Math; Online Tech Resources; Preschool and Kindergarten. Sample Source Outline for the I-Search Read more about outline, preliminary, thesis, sources, topics and numeral. I-Search Essays: Why am I studying Latino Literature? by Kim Groninga "Feminism" by Selma Durdzic, UNI (2014) "To Hell and Back Every Night" by Emily Sherwood, The I-Search: Guiding Students Toward Relevant Research. The I-Search Paper. Portsmouth, N.H.: Boynton/Cook Publishers. Zorfass, J. (1991). Make It Happen! Writing an I-Search Paper. Notes from online resource: Writing an I-Search Paper. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. The last time you wrote a research paper, you were SAMPLE RESOURCE: LOCAL Instead of restating old information as done in the traditional research paper, I-Search is inquiry-based and the path of discovery is SAMPLE I­SEARCH PAPER LIVING WITH ASTHMA What I Already Knew / What I Wanted to Know "Well, Annie, it looks like you have asthma

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