Why and Which Antivirus?

Posted by AVGcustomersupport, 2 years ago

Antivirus is also known as anti-malware software used to detect and remove virus. Proliferation of various viruses such as ransomware, Keylogger, Trojan horse, worms, rootkits caused Antivirus to develop itself to provide maximum security to an end user. Virus is an unwanted file which gets downloaded while downloading a desired file and makes a havoc in the device.

Some of the Best Antiviruses

·         AVG

·         Mcafee

·         Bitdefender

·         Avast

·         Avira

·         Norton

Desired Features

·         Browser Exploit Prevention: It is one of the infamous techniques used by hackers to perplex web user. In this Scenario, Hackers take advantage of the vulnerability of a web page. A method called “click jamming” is applied by hackers to control the clicks of a user, this is done by the code embedded and installed in a website by hackers. 

·         Anti-spyware: Spyware is a malware that secretly steals the data of an infected device. Your secret data like account details, files, messages might be affected. 

·         Anti-phishing: It is integrated with a web browser to detect a website using phishing technique to steal your private information that includes your username and password.

·         Email protection: It includes the feature of scanning inbound and outbound emails sent by an untrusted website or a spammer. An infected email contains a file that exhibits virus gets automatically downloaded when you click on the file in the email.

·         Auto-clean: A feature of detecting a virus then put it in secluded zone to delete it manually is the method adopted by various antivirus. Auto-clean is feature where an antivirus automatically detects and deletes malicious files.

·         Trusted websites and Apps: A message of privacy must be appear when you visit a phishing page or an untrusted website to protect the device from installing malicious files. Unwanted installing files may freeze your device or cause the device to delete its data automatically.

These desired features must be called for every antivirus user. Sometimes, Antivirus hesitates in working when you update the older version to a newer version in such case you might contact to AVG tech support number to resolve your problem. Your problem is not restricted to just updating problem but if you face some other problems then you could still approach.

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