Saitek® Pro Flight Cessna Controls

Get the ultimate sim encounter with Saitek TPM Method

The Saitek Pro Flight TPM Panel, is an acronym for Throttle, Propeller, and Mixture with an extra nine, 2-way chromed assignable switches.

1 factor special about this Saitek PRO Flight TPM Method is that this product have been cautiously designed by the specialists to meet meet your requirements. Totally compatible with all major flight simulation titles and pre-existing flight simulation setups, the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle, Prop and Mixture system replicates the manage surface discovered in light aircraft from renowned manufacturers like Cessna, Piper and Cash Bravo.

Each flight now approaches that of a real flight or at least as real as our developers can make it utilizing FSX with the Saitek Pro Flight method. Get the ultimate simulation encounter with the Saitek Pro Flight TPM System that saitek pro flight cessna yoke system review replicates the manage surface found in real aircrafts.

This throttle, propeller, mixture manage module should have been an available choice in the bundled Saitek yoke and rudder pedal package.The Saitek TPM panel is most likely not so essential for the majority of us, of course you need a great throttle unit such as the ( CH Products throttle quadrant USB or Saitek Pro Flight throttle quadrant) and if you have a throttle quadrant it functions quite nicely.

Nevertheless, if you want to get the very best from your flight experience, get a Saitek PRO Flight TPM Method - Throttle/Prop/Mixture Axis. This Saitek TPM method is also extremely simple to use. Totally compatible with all significant flight simulation titles and pre-existing flight simulation set ups, the Pro Flight Throttle, Prop and Mixture Method replicates the controls discovered in many light aircraft.

An additional benefit by utilizing Saitek PRO Flight TPM System - Throttle/Prop/Mixture Axis is you can really feel extra satisfaction. It is an innovation from which you will have additional advantages. It is good to have as it can provide you the maximum usability for your flying.

If you are a dedicated Cessna pilot you can replace the Pro Flight Yoke and pedals with Saitek Cessna equipment and get the TPM system with its push/pull levers. The PRO Flight Cessna Yoke System for Computer is a versatile flying controller that replicates the yoke of a genuine Cessna aircraft, or those for GA (General Aviation) aircraft.