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Are You Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction? Do you feel ashamed for not getting a satisfactory erection with your partner? Would you like to be known as your partners best bet? Erectile dysfunction steals your manhood and destroys the relationship. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, it was shown that 52% of men over 40 years and 14% of young people above 18 years of age had some degree of dysfunction and that 10% had complete absence of erection. As if shame were not enough, 83% of women who betray in marriage claim sexual dissatisfaction, even when there is love in the relationship. If left untreated, erectile dysfunction tends to worsen with each passing day. The Taboo Is There A Cure For Erectile Dysfunction? Senior stimulant works Poor sexual performance is responsible for most of the betrayals in the relationship The market is filled with false solutions that promise to solve the problem of dysfunction (injections, drugs, supplements, surgeries), which, in fact, are only palliative resources that mask the problem for a short time. Know the Dangers of Viagra The most famous among them is the pill Viagra. According to USP doctor and specialist, Dr. Baltazar Andrade, Viagra is nothing more than a vasodilator that opens not only the vessels of the penis, but of the heart, and can even cause death. Did You Know That Viagra Loses Effect? Senior Sexual Stimulant Works Is Better Than Viagra (→ 100% Natural) In addition to causing nausea, headache, pressure drop, Viagra has another aggravating factor. According to a survey conducted at USP with 50 men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and 50 without the problem, Viagra tends to decrease the effect period from 3 hours to 25 minutes after 2 months of use, plus increasing from 30 minutes to 57 minutes to start To take effect. Another point that caught the attention of researchers is that 72% of men who did not suffer from erection began to become dependent on Viagra to achieve erection after senior viagra natural onde comprar senior viagra natural onde comprar 2 months of use.