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SIGNATURE OF OFFICIAL TAKING FINGERPRINTS. 1. R. THUMB. 2. R. INDEX. 6. L. THUMB. 7. L. INDEX. LEFT FOUR FINGERS TAKEN SIMULTANEOUSLY. Your fingerprints should be placed on a standard fingerprint form (FD-258) commonly used for applicant or law enforcement purposes. The FBI will accept File card used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for the acquisition and retention of fingerprints. This is the standard FBI fingerprint card, form No. FD-258 used by the FBI, Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and many other agencies for Applications for an FBI Criminal History Check must include a set of your fingerprints on Standard Fingerprint Form (FD-258). The fingerprint form can be Teachers, school administrators, student teachers, independent contractors, etc. Nursing students, child care facility operators/staff, social service workers State by state list of locations that provide fingerprinting services. the ?ngerprints The card may not be signed in advance. Applicant's FBI Number (FBI) block: Leave blank. Agency will Reason fmgerprinted block: Clearly enter the form of the respective INS application (eg "bl—400”) in this space. 24. What is the difference between Livescan fingerprints and print cards? Livescan information, verify your two forms of identification, and collect your fingerprints. My FBI Report works with Preferred Live Send your completed forms and fingerprints to:.

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