How to use Facebook Group Video Chat | Contact Support Team

It’s been more than 8 months since Facebook launched a group call feature in the messenger app for the convenience of users.  Now it is looking to add more feather to its feature by adding the latest one that can make users making conversation with known once. The face to face conversation will really excite the users a lot as they have never expected to have a video chat with 50 friends at a time. Being requested by several FB features, it has innovated Facebook messenger on Android ,iOS and the  desktop version to a huge extent.

With more than 300 million people using Facebook, there is a huge tendency that they carry the smartphone device and use the messenger features as well especially video chat through they communicate with people located far away. Be it is planning a vacation with friends or urgent meeting with clients or update to people on a specific topic, Facebook group video chat can play an essential role.

With Facebook unveiling new camera on messenger more like snapchat, its filters and 3D special effects will be playing a huge role in this regards. Though it has started with Ios device but will soon going to expand to android device. Upon starting the group video chat through Facebook messenger, only 6 faces are seen and you can keep adding the people in the chat list with a maximum limit to 50. Though server downtime issues can cripple you to use this video chat feature, but no worry as as FB Help center is always helpful in every sense in the absence of official Facebook help contact number.

How can we start Group video chat on Facebook Messenger | Take Help

Here is how you can start the group video chat on Facebook messenger

·         First of all make sure that Facebook messenger is supposed to be installed on android or iOS device. If you have no such app on your smartphone device, just get it installed before starting the group video chat.

·         Now get started with group chat by adding the select people in the chat window as it was used to be done in the Yahoo messenger open chat window.

·         Once all the users added in the group are online, just click on the small video icon on the top right corner of the screen and then perform group video chat


This process can be applied on updated iOS and android devices. However, some users are experiencing problems upon installing Facebook messenger in their device as it gives the error related to compatibility issues which keep the users at bay as they are not able to experience the Facebook group video chat feature in a proper way.

But not to worry in this case, just contact self governing tech support companies offering FB customer service as the experts are available there are highly qualified as well as expertise enough in troubleshooting the errors in a proper way. Just give a call at independent Facebook customer service number and get the issues fixed in a proper way.

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