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I Wanna Be Like You by Misc Cartoons chords. One clean accurate version. No abusive ads. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. I Wanna Be Like You Chords by Jonas Brothers last updated on 2015/08/14 and you can find of others Jonas Brothers at GuitarTabsLib.com. Tabulaturi Love Me Like You Chords - The Magic Numbers.. E C#m I only wanna find a way to make it hard for you B D#m G#m All those years gone. this album will be available on itunes / spotify soon so if you want to download it for free now and support. 1.spooky ghosts03:14; 2.i like playing my ukulele for you01:32; 3.what it feels like to be in love01:11; 4.oh darling. chords: F, Am, C, G. So you want to write a song, but you don't know where to start... Just like you don't want your melody to jump around, it's best if your chords don't bounce all. I REALLY LIKE YOU chords and lyrics CARLY RAE JEPSEN (version 1). Chords : G, D, A7, A Verse 1: G I really wanna stop. D But I just gotta. Download lead sheets and chords to more than 800 good old jazz tunes.. Almost like being in love, Bb, 101002. Along the road to... I wanna be like you, Bb. Girl Like You lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's really a good country song recorded by. Cause I want to hear about a girl like you Fierce · Alive In You · In The River · Let It Echo (Heaven Fall) · God With Us · Miracles · Set Me Ablaze. (Give You Everything); Unstoppable Love; Your Name Is Glorious; No Other Like You (We Will Exalt You). Rooftops; I Want To Know You. You're the light, you're the night. Cm You're the color of my blood. Fm You're the cure, you're the pain. Bbm C# You're the only thing I wanna. It won't matter if you can play 50 chords or slide down the guitar neck. You'll want a guide like StringNinja to be your friend with strumming exercises. It's not true, a lot of people want to learn guitar because they like the lead guitar. Imo, you'll want to learn chords pretty soon even if your main. Jungle Book - I Wanna Be Like You Chords by Misc Cartoons with chord diagrams, easy version and transpose. Added on October 31, 2001. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself Chords. A Bm G And I think you should be somethin' I don't wanna hold back D A Maybe you should know that. [Chorus] D A Bm G 'Cause if you like the way you look that much. I Wanna Be. Like You. INTRO. VERSE 1. Am. E7. Now I'm the king of the swingers, oh, the jungle VIP. Am. I've reached the top and had to stop and that's what. I really wanna stop. F But I just gotta taste for it. C C I feel like I could fly with the ball on the moon. F Bb F So honey hold my hand, you like. I put the tip of my thumb and index finger together just like if I would be holding a plectrum.. You also want to make sure that you strum on the correct spot... If you're looking for a strumming pattern for a song where the chords change. “I really like the sound of chords X Y Z together. What other. Also, if want to see less frequently used chords, you can click on “more…” to see. Jungle Book. I Wanna Be Like You. Verse 1: Am E7. Now I'm the king of the swingers, the jungle V. I. P.. Am. I've reached the top and had to stop and that's. Each of the rights over the tunes would be the property of their respective owners. Download mp3 I Wanna Be Like You Ukulele Chords For free now ! I want to break free from your lies, A You're so self satisfied, I don't need you.. hey, B A I can't get over the way you love me like you do, C#m7 But I have to be. A And You show me B Show me how to do right Chorus: E Hey hey every word I say A Ooh ohh B I want to be like You G#m C#m Oh, my my. I Wanna Be Like You – The Jungle Book. 4.Eight Days A Week – The Beatles. 5.. Page | 3. Hold Me Now. Thompson Twins. CHORDS USED IN THIS SONG. D. CHORDS USED IN THIS SONG. Am. E7. G7. C. A7. D7. "I Wanna Be Like You" by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman from Walt Disney's The Jungle. No one like you. I can?t wait for the nights with you. I imagine the things we?ll do. I just wanna be loved by you. No one like you. Аккорды и текст песни «No. I Wanna Be Like You Jungle Book Am E7 Now I'm the king of the swingers, the jungle V. I. P. Am I've reached the top and