---why politics is a dirty game---

we think that inspite of that and without any dout politics is a idea game and it is to search of truth that how can we create a ideal living on the earch that we can get maximum benefits of every thing. but due to the lack of knowledge persons are getting more and more success in the political field due to their aggessiveness and to speak more loudly p[eople think them better as compare to good persons. these ideas try to give a thinking to the good persons that these circumstances are not infavor to them. it is very bad that these good persons do not try to change these circumstances by united themselves to fight with bad element and write their logics to change the circumstances but become neutral and looks like that they have accepted their defeat and have lost the confidence to fight with majourity who is not knowing about what is right. if good persons want their win they first have to unite and will - first-sort out their difference so that they can give a confidence to others that they can live in a very better way and others if wants all facilities have to cooperate them. we also think that if some good persons have succeeded in their life but they can not pull on to carry away to other good persons without their unity of good persons. we think that they should consider every point to gain desire success and make the politics a game in search of idealism and not the dirty one.