The best health tips are found in Quran and hadith

Dr. Hana Yussuf who is a medical doctor and a researcher in Quran science and natural holistic medicine that considers the person as a whole (body, mind, soul, and spirit). She wrote e-books series that explain how Quran and health are related?

I asked Dr. Hana why she believes that the best health tips are found in the Quran and hadith.

And she said:

The reason I said that the best health tips are found in the Quran is because Quran is the word of our creator who knows exactly what we need to stay healthy.

There is a big difference between the guidelines in medicine and the guidelines that are found in the Quran such as:

1-The modern medical guidelines are written by a human and they have new edition every few years and their guidelines always keep changing. Whereas the Quran guidelines are from our creator and it has only one edition since the time of revelation until today.

2-The knowledge of human is very limited and incomplete thats why Almighty Allah said You have been given very little knowledge (Quran 17:85). But Almighty Allah is the most knowledgeable and he has a complete knowledge of the unseen Verily, Allah is the All-Knowing of everything. (Quran 29:62).

Many people have doubt if there is any relation between Quran, hadith and health. But when you read Quran and health e-books series you will understand how Quran and health are related

Today we are living in a world where peoples health is getting worse and worse. We are surrounded by many different studies, experiments, hypotheses, and opinions, about health which is always subject to change. The guidelines for the treatment of various diseases keep changing because of their side effects and dangerous complications. If this is the case, what will be the undiscovered side effects of current medications five years from now?

Everyone should learn how to take control of their health and their family health.

Investing in your health is the most important investment in your life.

If you get sick you should decide to take the responsibility and invest in your health because your health is your wealth.

Its easy to achieve optimum health if you have determination and persistence to restore your health again and get the desired result.

If you are diagnosed with cancer or any other chronic disease, relax because your condition is 100% curable.

Dr. Hana believes that every disease has a cure because thats what our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said in the hadith. She offers the best health and lifestyle consultation and the best treatment based on a holistic approach with follow-up for 6 months.

If you would like to get access to the best health tips for treatment and prevention of any diseases and the most valuable health information that truly works then all you need is to get Quran and health e-books series or ask for a health and lifestyle consultation by Dr. Hana Yussuf.