so yeah... i`m feeling depressed right know so i thouhgt i would talk about death. I was once really good friend with this girl. we talked about death and how she just loved life so much, and i just agreed with her because i didn`t wanted to stand out. But honestly i don`t fear death. I`m not saying that so seem cool or anything but i am justt not afraid of dying. 

My mother and I once talked about suicide and she just could not belive all the people killing them selvs and again i just agreed , but i`ve more then twice thought aout suicide and how i would be and how i would do it. it`s not likw i stood with a knife to my wrist but i was thinking that i would fil my self talking to all the people i know and i would say my honest opoinen about them. I still think about it... 

got to go know but this is not over yet!

knuz Anonym