How Much Will I Be Saving On LED Bulbs?

LED bulbs are expensive when you buy them but are cheaper in the long run since you will save a lot of money on electricity bills. It is true cheap is expensive seeing that using other conventional bulbs is cheaper when you buy them but expensive when you do your math in the long run.

Consider buying a LED bulb at an “astounding”£100 and buying a halogen bulb at £3.00. Since you will use only one LED in 22 years, you will have spent £100 in 22 years. Comparing this to a halogen bulb, you will need 30 halogen bulbs in 22 years since they burn out so quickly and are less durable. That means you will need to spend 30*£7.00 in buying bulbs in 22 years. That results to an alarming £210 instead of £100. Already you have spent twice the price considering the durability aspect alone.


The LED bulb will spend at least a quarter the wattage a halogen will spend to produce the same lumen. If a halogen bulb will spend 40W to produce 500lm, then a LED bulb will spend 10W to produce the same 500lm. That saves you 30W that goes to waste using the halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs waste 90% of their wattage consumption on heating the environment while for LED bulbs only 10% go into waste. This one means that if you had £100 and you wanted to light your room using a halogen bulb you would waste £90 on heating the environment unnecessarily. Using a LED bulb, you will save that £90 and only spend £10 in lighting the same room. This is an amazing save if you calculate it against the lifespan of the two bulbs.

If you are using incandescent bulbs then, you are going to spend a lot on the electricity bill. Consider a situation where you are using 10 bulbs in your household. If you are using an incandescent bulb, each will be a 60 watt bulb. For LED bulb,an equivalent to this would be an 8 watt bulb. And for CFL an equivalent would be 20 watt. Look at the table and see how much you will be saving.













Total wattage




Cost @£0.1 per watt





Looking at the table tells you that you will save 520 watts and £52 using a led bulb leaving you with no option if you are interested in saving your money. This cost eventually affects your electricity bills, and you end up spending half the bill when using LED bulbs so why wait. Go for a LED bulb.

In conclusion, the much you save when using a LED bulb surrounds how long you leave them on and even the adjustments you make according to the brightness you want since they are flexible. Use them sparingly and save even more. If you waste them then you may not enjoy the cost reduction.