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" GLORY TO GOD, SPLENDOR TO GOD, SPLENDOR TO GOD IN THE GREATEST" The angel choir sang overhead above Bethlehem that very first Christmas night. Every one of the Shepherds searched in marvel as they spoke with the choir of angels that filled the night sky of the coming of the Messiah, the Christ Youngster, Jesus that would conserve his people from their transgressions.

David viewed from the hill not far from the group and also his uncle as well as papa that were having a tendency the sheep. He had been bring out his male about find out the best ways to be a guard under their care as well as teaching. They had actually sent him off to find a lost infant sheep that had strayed. David understood precisely where the little creep sheep was because he had actually chased her many times. He had offered the sheep a name, Gritty as well as it had actually come to be David's unique pet dog in all the herd.

As the Angel Choir ended up, David heard Spunky baa not much from where he was sitting. Gritty suched as a little cove where some wonderful herbs grew as well as only she learnt about them. But she needs to have gotten caught in the shrubs. Indeed, there she was, all caught up and very unhappy.

" Oh Spunky, you get in trouble whenever you come up right here. Just what would certainly you do without me?" David claimed happily, as he assisted her get loose and she started to play concerning his legs as well as feet.

" Wow, is that a lamb?" David listened to the little voice stone's throw off.

" Who's there?" He said nervously. As he checked out, a kid, apparently a couple of years younger than him tipped from the darkness. She was dressed done in white. Yet what actually stuck out is that she had wings on her back and also a ring radiant on her brow, not like a headband, somewhat over her brow and her entire gown jesus seminar shone in the dark. "Who are you?" David stated but he found he was not terrified so he approached her.

" Shhhh, I unclothed the choir. I wanted to see what it was like, you know, below." She stated as well as she ran to Spunky and began petting her.

" The choir? You mean, overhead?" David wheezed.

" Yes, wasn't that rather? I sang a while but I cannot truly do much so I eloped." She said her angels wings spreading out as she had fun with the lamb.

" Hi, my name is David." David pleasantly presented himself. "You're an angel?" He stated and he stooped down as well as considered her face.

" Yes, my name is Shauna. You're a human?" She claimed and also for a moment, they simply gazed since neither had ever been this near someone like that. All of a sudden David jumped up and also chuckled.

" After that let's play!" He declared running to a tree as well as leaping to the branch for a catapult.

" YAY!" Shauna laughed with delight and also before she understood it, her wings brought her to the tree arm or leg and she looked down and teased her new pal from her perch.

" No reasonable!" he stated but no time at all to fuss. The new pals, an angel lady as well as a shepherd young boy ran and also giggled as well as bet just what seemed like hrs in the hills simply outside of Bethlehem, not really far where the Baby Jesus was just birthed.

David ran in advance complied with closely by Gritty then Shauna who flew once in a while and after that landed running as quick as she can maintain when David splashed into a chilly running stream laughing as well as slinging water back at the lamb as well as the angel. "Tag" David teased Shauna, "You're it."

Shauna was giggling and also ducking appreciating every 2nd because a lot of this she never ever experienced in paradise. All of a sudden a seem like a trumpet was listened to in the sky not much from where