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loop.el - friendly imperative loop structures for Emacs lisp. Example: (let ((x 0) (sum 0)) ;; sum the numbers 0 to 9 (loop-while (< x 10) (setq sum (+ sum x)) (setq 30 Aug 2016 Emacs Lisp: Map / Loop Thru List / Vector For example, (1+ 2) returns 3. For example, (lambda (x y) (+ x y)) is a function that takes two 20 Nov 2014 I am not too familiar with it, or the implementation in emacs-lisp, Here is a simple example to generate a list of numbers with the loop macro. 21 Oct 2011 Learned 2 elisp functions: {“dolist”, “number-sequence”}. “dolist” lets you loop over a list with a variable. Here's sample usage: (dolist (x '(1 2 3)) For example, you might want to repeat some computation once for each element of a list, You can do this in Emacs Lisp with the special form while : To write a repeat-until loop, which will execute something on each iteration and then do 25 Jul 2013 This gives an introduction to Emacs Lisp in 15 minutes (v0.2d) ;; ;; Author: In the above examples, 1 and 2 are atoms, ;; (+ 2 (+ 1 1)) and (+ 1 1) are . x returns something. ;; If x returns `nil' (nothing), we exit the while loop. Emacs Lisp has two primary ways to cause an expression, or a series of For example, to move forward four sentences, you need only write a program that will This loop iterates over all Emacs buffers, using the list returned by buffer-list . For each buffer buf , it calls buffer-file-name and collects the results into a list, which loop from cl-macs.el has support for destructing like CL: (loop for (key . value) in (There is probably a better way to use loop than in your example -- no need to build three lists (two mapcar s + loop ), for instance.) A common way to control a while loop is to test whether a list has any elements. Since Emacs Lisp considers as true any value that is not nil , a list that returns

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