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Google SketchUp это отличный способ узнать, нравится ли вам 3D-моделирование. SketchUp включает следующие инструменты SketchUp, formerly Google Sketchup, is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design There’s a reason SketchUp is synonymous with friendly and forgiving 3D modeling software: we don’t sacrifice usability for the sake of functionality. Бесплатно. Windows. Google SketchUp - бесплатная программа для быстрого создания и редактирования трёхмерной графики, 3D-редактор. This page is for resources for the 3D modeling tool Google Sketchup. Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create 3D models of anything you like. Google SketchUp is a great way to discover if 3D modeling is right for you. I learned 3D on Sketch-Up back when Sketch-Up was Google freeware. Google SketchUp is a freeware 3D modeller app filed under 3D design and made available by Google for Windows. Some of Sketchup's features: Export models to Google Earth. I get As on my projects when using Sketch-up and I love it. Note: SketchUp has a new home! Therefore, we have a retired the Google SketchUp Pro grants program. SketchUp — программа для моделирования относительно простых трёхмерных объектов — строений, мебели, интерьера. В марте 2006 года была приобретена компанией Google вместе с небольшой фирмой @Last Software.

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