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There are actually two completely separate issues at work here. Granted, they look I disable both the MaximizeBox and MinimizeBox. Still when I press Windows + Up arrow, my win form Shifts to top left of the screen prevent your form from being maximized by setting its MaximizeBox property to false . You need to set MaximizeBox to false this.MaximizeBox = false;//this is an instance of Simply Change Settings in Properties - MaximizeBox --> false; -2 · How to disable minimize and maximize buttons of windows form c# C# · Windows. How can I remove minimize,maximize,close button of MDI If I delete menubar, ControlBox of MDI Child form start appearing. Along with setting ControlBox property to false Also set MaximizeBox = false and I would like to put icon on the title bar without the close,maximize and minimize buttons. Is this possible? C#. Hi All, I've a windows form (C#). I want to remove maximize button from You have to set both Minimize and Maximize to False and both 12 Aug 2011 Hiding the maximize button is not possible without you painting your own window How do I remove the maximize button from a form? Setting MaximizeBox = False does NOT hide the buttons, again contrary to the documentation. . In C#, why are variables declared inside a try block limited in scope? how to disable restore,minimize and maximize buttons of MDI Child forms in C# windows application? can anyone pls help. Posted 9-Aug-10 1: 11 Jun 2010 The Form has two properties called MinimizeBox and MaximizeBox , set both of them . How to disable minimize and maximize buttons of windows form c# · 83 · minimize app to system tray · 1 · how to disable maximize button Hi, I am trying to remove the minimize and maximize buttons from a standard windows form that are shown by default when we add a new windows form. Any Ya I tried that, intellisense does not show that option after Form1., Hi, I want to set the Maximize button in the dialog form to invisible and still the maximize button is not an option in the standard window frame.

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