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Voltage divider rule is a simple rule used to solve circuits to simplify the solution. In this article, volatge devision rule with examples and applications FE Review -Basic Circuits William Hageman Example of N-V method (current divider) L s load R R v I + = vs =isR R v i s OR s = In this lesson, you will learn what a voltage divider is and use it to solve a circuit Voltage Divider Bias Example 3 • Design and test design using a computer simulation. ENGI 242/ELEC 222 Updated 23 February 2005 Voltage Divider Bias 12 Current Divider: Example of KCL • KCL equivalent of voltage divider is a current divider • Consider a current source with resistors in parallel Voltage divider circuits We know that the current in a series circuit may be calculated with this formula: I = E Here are several pictorial examples of this, This Current Divider Calculator can calculate the current going through any branch in a parallel circuit, using the formula shown above. When a circuit is in parallel The voltage divider and current divider are useful concepts in analyzing circuits. Let's start with the voltage divider, as shown in the circuit below.

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