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Learn how to create an email contact form for your website. The script will be written in ActionScript 3.0 and will use a PHP script to send the In order to understand the AS3 script would have to know the basics of variables, event handling, Here we will cover the process involved in making a very simple email form in Flash using PHP. Be aware that Flash alone is incapable of sending email. PHP 7 Jul 2009 Learn how to create a flash contact form using PHP and Actionscript 2. This form will have 3 text fields (e-mail, subject and message). 11 Feb 2009 Flash Compatibility: MX 2004 (Principles and ActionScript are the same in Flash MX & Flash 5) The PHP (or other scripting language) then sends the form info. .. $error="The following errors occurred while processing your form input.<ul>"; 21 Jul 2009 This contact form class is super-customizable and simple to use. ActionScriptFlash Requires a server running PHP for the email to send. 21 Mar 2011 Building a Flash Contact Form with PHP and AS3 additional tools, menus, and commands, but the ActionScript panel has been upgraded as well. This will connect into Flash to process and physically send our mail. To submit a form in Flex using the GET Then you can use the following sample PHP page to return the form information Connection: Flex Quick Start: Handling data, 10 Oct 2012

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