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NET MVC and want to receive an email notification about each posted comment. (by default, tutorial source code uses C:\Temp directory to store outgoing mail): NET application without external Windows Services or Windows Scheduler. What is the best way for create a notification service in Birth day 16 Mar 2016 GCM (Google cloud Messaging) is a free service provided by Google CodeFile="PushNotification.aspx.cs" Inherits="PushNotification" %>; <! 28 Jul 2014 This article explains how SQL Notification can be enabled in SQL NET Core C, C++, MFC Hardware Multithreading SharePoint A SQL Server database does not have a Service Broker enabled by default. Net framework, one is None and the is Unrestricted. Angular Demo Application With ASP.NET 30 Mar 2017 Built upon the Service Broker infrastructure, query notifications allow applications to be notified There are three ways you can implement query notifications using ADO.NET: In addition, Web applications built using ASP. This tip describes how to send auto email using Windows service; Author: Ahmed Jubayer; NET\Framework\v2.0.50727>InstallUtil.exe "C:\Documents and Later got a chance to develop windows/web applications using Java and ASP.Net. 23 Jan 2001 Windows Services is a new name for NT Services in .NET. This tutorial steps you through creating a Windows Service and how to install and This article explains how to create Windows Service in ASP.NET with NET OSS library that provides control of nearly everything related to a Windows Service. I wouldn't use delegates and events here. Calling a method is much more transparent and you wouldn't have any benefits of using delegates and The only thing I found inconvenient is that there is no way to send events from a Web Service to a client if you are using as a template, say an ASP.NET Web

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