Van Cliburn Competition for Amateurs. (Competitions).

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the third International Piano Competition regarding Outstanding Amateurs is going to be conducted June 3-8, 2002, with Ed Landreth Auditorium on the campus of Texas Christian College inside Fort Worth, Texas. Your application deadline can be March 1, 2002, with notification involving acceptance by April 1.

Entry is limited to the maximum involving seventy-five participants, whom has for you to be at least thirty-five yrs . old simply by June 3, 2002. Applicants may not derive his or her principal source of income from both public piano performances or piano instruction.

The preliminary round will consist of individual recital programs never to exceed twelve minutes each. Up search engines for you to eighteen pianists will advance for the semifinal round, where each will present a program involving only twenty minutes. Via this group, six finalists will be chosen to do approximately any thirty-minute program. Competitors cost nothing to select their own repertoire for every phase with the competition; however, zero work could always be repeated within subsequent rounds. Functions do not have best search sites access to being memorized.

First Reward is really a $2,000 cash award and 2 tickets for the Twelfth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Numerous further prizes will incorporate a Press Jury Award, Audience Award as well as special awards 4n various repertory categories.

Potential members are needed for you to submit a new fifteen-minute audition tape, together with the created application. additional rules as well as requirements might be found online at as well as simply by calling the actual Van Cliburn Basis in (817) 738-6536.

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