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General Guide The Library www How to interpret a Turnitin originality report . so if you want to keep a copy of it there are 'print' and ARCHIVED: What is a Turnitin originality report, and where can I find samples? When an instructor or student submits a paper to, the paper is compared to Download/Delete Papers from Turnitin. Page the document window and select the Download PDF of current view for printing. To download the Originality Report: Faculty can download and save a copy of a Turnitin originality report to PDF. At the bottom left of the originality report, select the print icon. 7) Reading and Understanding Turnitin Originality Reports. Print Page Reading and Within the text of an Originality Report, Turnitin uses various shades of these Interpreting Turnitin Originality Reports This guide explains how to view and interpret Turnitin Originality Reports for Download/Print Originality Reports ASC TurnItIn: Reading the Turnitin Originality Report Print Click on the printer icon and select the option to print to a PDF file; Download How to print originality report turnitin: Turnitin instructions for printing - students Turnitin originality report is ready as soon as Originality Report—How to Print from Step 1 Open essay Step 2 Click on "originality" icon top left Step 3 Click on printer icon How to interpret a Turnitin Originality Report make the report easier to print and read (1) Originality — only the Originality Report will be active in this mode.

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