Top 5 ways Businesses Can Use Augmented Reality

Top 5 ways Businesses Can Use Augmented Reality

In the year 2016, AR technology gained a ground-braking attention, with Pokémon Go created a new game wave. Augmented Reality refers enhancing the viewing experience. A study on AI shows that it could be a $90B dollar market by 2020, where app sales, subscription services, or in-app purchases could be a major source of revenue.

Here are the 5 Ways that Help Businesses Use Augmented Reality:

#1. Wearable technology for industry:

When coming to the oil and gas industry, it is very important to adopt mobility as it helps to stay connected with the field force. The use of AR glasses helps rig workers exactly how to make a repair.

#2. Next-Level Prototyping

Some businessmen have their own view of creating a new product or a technology. It can be easy to see where they want to go with it, but hard to get there. Prototyping new products can be expensive and also difficult to afford it and also it kills a lot of time. To overcome all this issues, Augmented Reality gives solution. Product owners can create a virtual model of their technology with help of mobile apps development companies Mumbai, India. They can interact within the real world and real time, so they can have transparency as well.

#3. Navigation for Everyday Activities

When products are stored into some warehouses and expected to be transferred from one place to another within the less time could really be a nightmare to perform it. Here comes the usage of AR, which helps people reach the destination via mobile app that is enabled by AR.

#4. Virtual showrooms

When coming to sell any product online, businesses create videos or digital advertisements to show how the product works, but this might take more time, so that won’t be worth. AR helps businesses create virtual and enhanced view of the product, so customers can virtually interact with the product.  

#5. AR Business cards:

In having a business connection, business card plays a key role, but it has gone outdated. But AR can enhance the way business card is shown. A person with an AR-enabled business card can view that card through his smartphone or a tablet and get additional information like links to video files, website, and apps. The mobile apps more familiar for the business cards which is developed with innovative ideas by top mobile app development company Mumbai, India.

Wind up line:

These are the only just 5 uses of Augmented Reality, there are still many more uses of AR. The main aim of this content was to help people through the insightful info on technology.