How Your Job May Affect Your Auto Insurance

Believe it or not, the type of job you have can affect the amount you pay for auto insurance in Salt Lake City. Some jobs are deemed safer, or less stressful than others, and insurance providers take these things into account when calculating the amount you will pay.  Some providers offer discounts for those having less stressful jobs, as research has shown that drivers with high stress occupations have more accidents than those who don't. A stressful job is equivalent to a higher risk factor as far as insurance companies are concerned; you should check with your provider to see if you qualify for a low-stress discount.


GEICO was the first company to implement such policies, and other providers quickly followed suit. Today, unbeknownst to many drivers, it is common practice. Even if you don't use your vehicle in connection with your work, your occupation will still affect your premium. Surprisingly, chefs, journalists, and entertainers are considered high-risk occupations, while nurses receive some of the biggest discounts. The way you describe your job can also affect your premium. If for instance you say you are a “director of a company” you could be charged a different rate than if you said that you were a “company director.”


 Occupations With the Highest Quotes


The website MoneySupermarket analyzed over 13 million auto insurance quotes to evaluate which occupations paid the most for car insurance in Salt Lake City, and those which had the lowest rates. According to their research; data processors were first on the list while doctors came in second. Data processing is not considered a high stress job, but because as a group they file more claims than most occupations, their premium rates are higher. Doctors of course work long, stressful hours and are often sleep deprived, thus it's easy to understand how they could be considered a high risk group.


Occupations With the Lowest Quotes


Pickers and packers are considered occupations to have low risk factors when it comes to car insurance, with painters coming in second. Amazingly, those who drive for a living received some of the lowest quotes overall. Delivery drivers, car salesman, and those who work in auto-repair and fabrication pay much lower premiums than doctors or even real estate agents.


Beware however that insurance providers don't just consider the employed in their risk assessment, being unemployed could find you paying a higher premium than if you were working, as insurance companies consider those who are unemployed more likely to make a claim!


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