Uncle Mike’s Holsters

Uncle Mike’s law enforcement line was one of the first to start making nylon gun holsters more than 20 years ago. Their commitment is to provide quality products that are designed with officer safety in mind. They understand that the look of your gun holster isn’t nearly as important as the best gun holster function and design.

Uncle Mike’s is so sure of their gun holster product that if it fails within the first five years after purchase they will replace it free of charge. In addition, if your equipment is damaged or destroyed in an incident where you are defending your life, you can contact Uncle Mike’s and take advantage of their “Fight for Life Policy”. Tell them about your experience and they will replace the equipment free of charge.

Uncle Mike’s holsters are made for a number of different situations. We will take a look at some of the types of gun holsters available from Uncle Mike’s to help you find the best gun holster for your needs.


Uncle Mike’s Duty Holsters

Uncle Mike’s holsters for on duty officers working on regular patrol operations come in 3 varieties: Standard Retention, Pro-2, and Pro-3. Uncle Mike’s holster, Standard Retention, employs a dual retention system for use with pistols, or revolvers. The independent tensioning system allows for varying degrees of clamp pressure. Uncle Mike’s Pro-2 holster is a dual retention holster that requires the release of a thumb break to draw our weapon. The Pro-3 Uncle Mike’s holster has a 3-point locking system. Your weapon is locked in place on the top, rear, and side. The simple thumb break release makes for an easy draw.


Uncle Mike’s Kydex Holsters

Uncle Mike’s holsters started manufacturing the Kydex holster due to popular demand. This paddle holster is designed for comfort and safety. The Kydex paddle holster is adjustable for rake and height so that you can position your weapon to best meet your gun holster needs according to your height and body type. This gun holster has a shorter leading edge making it even easier to draw your weapon.


Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holsters

These gun holsters are made to meet the biggest gun holsters challenges. Made from an injection molded polymer construction with integrated retention technology, Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holsters have been tested in mud, sand, extreme temperatures, water submersion and used for more than 15,000 draws. If you are looking for the most durable gun holster out there, check out Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster.


Uncle Mike’s Tactical Holsters

Choose from Pro-3 and standard retention tactical holsters or a molded tactical platform that allows users to use in converting a duty holster to a tactical holster. Most of the tactical gear from Uncle Mike’s can be used in conjunction with MOLLE vest system.


Uncle Mike’s Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed carry holsters are often used by off-duty officers. Uncle Mike’s holsters makes several concealed carry holsters to choose from. From horizontal, vertical or cross-harness shoulder rigs to ambidextrous belt holster and ankle holsters, you will find only the best gun holster for any concealed carry preference you may have. Uncle Mike’s makes IWB holsters, pocket holsters and more. Check out Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement website for complete details on all the best gun holster products they have to offer.

If you are looking for the best holsters to meet the demands of law enforcement life, we highly recommend the products from Uncle Mike’s. With more than 20 years of specialized gun holster design for law enforcement personnel, they know what is important and are committed to providing the best gun holsters for life threatening situations.