How to Promote Your Android App

How to Promote Your Android App

Today people search for a product or service online. Likewise, they search for app on app stores. But the number of apps that are already in the app store, are augmenting at a rapid speed. So some techniques are essential to make your app recognized:

Tips to promote your Android app:

1. Get the help of social media

Undoubtedly, social media is the best and popular marketing channel. Facebook is a great way to advertise your app. Post app installs add there.

You can use YouTube to post your app videos. Try to make better clarity videos that are worth sharing.

Twitter is great for connecting with those who are part of your target audience. Twitter should be your best friend to increase your brand’s value online.

2. App Store Optimization

Before submitting your Android app to the app store, the application must be a complete product with an intuitive interface.

Do not make a mistake of submitting a half-boiled application. Make sure app description, screenshots and videos clearly tell what the app is.

3. Submit to Multiple stores

There are many app stores for an Android app, but Google Play Store is the most popular and helpful one. Since there are over 1 million apps in the Play Store, the chances of someone finding your app without any kind of promotion (either internally by Google or externally by you) is tough. So consider Amazon and other app stores as well.

You don’t have to build your app from the scratch to submit it to the app store. Instead, just make some tweaks. Below are some other known app stores:


Developing freemium app:

You can develop a free app, with advertising as revenue source. Free applications get user attention, then you can encourage users to subscribe for in-app purchases.


Use Website:

Create a one page website, which can be one of the biggest assets that can advertise your app. There should be a pop-up window when people visit your site.

In this way, the application can be the first thing that your site visitors see. The popup page should simply be a link that directs visitors to the app store.



Using the above instructions can make your application more profitable than any other competitors.

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