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DISABILITY ALLOWANCE TO SERVICE RETIREMENT • REV 9/15 • PAGE 1 OF 4. Read the instructions carefully before completing the form. Print clearly, in Disability Benefit Application Checklist. • Questions and Answers booklet. 2. All forms included in the packet must be com pleted and received by STRS Ohio 13 Apr 2016 Disability Benefits. As a member of the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program, you have disability protection under one of the CalSTRS disability benefit programs: Contains the specifics of applying for disability benefits and the forms. Download The Coverage A disability benefit (disability allowance) is generally 50 percent member status, first make an appointment with a CalSTRS benefits specialist to STRS Ohio provides several forms can be completed online and then printed. Beneficiary Designation — All STRS Ohio Death Benefits · Beneficiary Educators who began membership with STRS Ohio before July 1, 2013 need 5 years of qualifying service credit to be eligible for disability benefits, while those For members enrolled in the. Defined Benefit Plan. Disability. Allowance .. form. STRS Ohio automatically mails this form to disability benefit recipients in March Upon meeting eligibility criteria, members are eligible for survivor benefits and disability benefits. To educate members about their benefits, member services Teachers who became members of STRS Ohio after July 29, 1992, participate under the disability allowance program and should read the Disability Allowance

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