Apartment living is quite convenient and offers the flexibility and freedom to move without the hassle of selling a house. Apartments range in value, and therefore in rent, based on location, number of bedrooms, length of lease, overall size, various features, and the availability of certain amenities such as tennis courts, gyms, and pools. Our section here covers a range of apartment-related queries, from learning about the different types of apartments to interviewing a roommate for your apartment.

Condo Vs. Apartment - Which One to Choose?
If you are looking for a residential space, you are bound to come across two options houses for sale - a condo and an apartment. Before you decide to go in for either of these two, you should acquaint yourself with their individual advantages and...
Common Mistakes People Make With Their First Apartment
Renting your first apartment can be exciting and almost like a dream come true. It seems easy to look for an apartment and shift in. However, this dream may soon turn into a nightmare if you ignore the basic things that you need to...

There are many different types of apartments. They are meant to fit into the diverse needs of individuals depending on the number of occupants, purpose, budget, location and need.
Difference Between Condo and Townhouse
There is a lot of difference between a condo and a townhouse. If you are new to the real estate terminology, then you should read the following article to understand the basic difference between a condo and a townhouse.

If you've found a place to stay and are sharing it with other people, make sure you sign a house sharing agreement before you move in. Read this article for more information on it.

Most people who wish to live in big cities want to buy a condo. A condominium is the closest you can get to a true big city experience.
Interviewing Potential Roommates
Getting good roommates is really difficult and more so when you find out about their annoying habits after they have move in. Here is an article which can save you from all the frustration.