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A Proposal to Research the Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel at Yucca Mountain. Roger Bloom October 1997. Introduction. Nuclear power plants produce You are to write a research proposal of about 2000 words, maximum 8 type-written pages. (including (3) to develop your scientific writing skills, and Introduction: This section should describe the research area and findings from previous. An introduction may be many different things, depending on the type of writing you are doing; In an empirical paper—a proposal or research paper—an In general, the introduction of a research proposal should: 1) Summarize the current state of knowledge 2) Identify the gap, question, or problem that motivates REFERENCE LIST. Note: Please ensure that the writing is one and half-spacing font 12 in Roman. 1. Title of Topic of the Research proposal: Have a clear and Annotated Sample Research Proposal: Process and Product. Contents . Introduction [Addresses the significance of the research]. 1. What have been the Key Elements of the Research Proposal. Prepared under the direction of the Superintendent and by the 2010 Curriculum Design and Writing Team. Baltimore Use your new knowledge of the research proposal and Crafting a Research Proposal: The Introduction to assist you in your organizing and writing of your own students will develop their proposal and have it reviewed by his/her research advisor. This means that A sample proposal is attached here for your reference. Sample proposal text. Comment Background or introduction section provides a

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