Want to Apply for a Second Passport?

Do you want to get Second Citizenship in Dominica or a passport?  And you are not sure about who can help you with this process?


There are several agents that can help you with obtaining your Second Passport however you must be very careful when choosing them, since there are a lot of supposed "professionals" doing this illegally, those people who can give you a false passport, which would be a big problem for you. Please, if you want the help of professionals do not hesitate to contact Apex Capital Partners. We will put you in touch with our partners who will save you time and money, not forget to advise you the best option regarding your interests.


How do we do this?


Define the main goals and objectives of the client. On their basis, we select a program for obtaining the second citizenship or the status of a resident in one of the countries of the European Union or the Caribbean. In our work, we use only state investment programs, which allow us to solve the client's tasks legally and in a short time.


Accompanying the process


We accompany you literally "by the hand," from the first consultation to the moment you receive the documents and return your investments, and not only at the stage of filing and registration. We helped many investors and their families to forget about visa restrictions, create an alternative place of residence without a permanent residence obligation. If you are interested in a second citizenship, please contact us at apexcapital.partners.