May be the Shih Tzu the best Dog For You Personally? Seven Things to consider!

This can be a question you have to think about before you purchase a Shih Tzu, because you will be spending considerable time in every other peoples company. Making the incorrect choice can result in many years of unhappiness so make certain you receive this right.

A couple of points to consider range from the following.

1. Companionship

Bichon Frise Shih Tzu  were bred without other reason than companionship. They have very social personalities and you will find couple of things a Tzu would enjoy greater than to sit down in your lap when you watch the tv.

However, if your family work and should leave your dog in your own home the entire day, a Shih Tzu might not be your dog for you personally. They might require more attention than other dogs as well as your presence is an integral part of the wellness.

2. Grooming

This breed includes a double coat and lengthy hair. Your hair requires frequent brushing to prevent matting. Their nails also require frequent clipping like a Shih Tzu doesn't spend considerable time outdoors.  This lead to nails that aren't filed away naturally by gravel and other alike surfaces.

3. Other creatures

Most Shih Tzu get on well along with other creatures. Regrettably, exactly the same can't be stated off another breed of dogs. If you need to aggressive dog just like a Pit-bull, it is advisable to think hard prior to bringing a Tzu home, particularly if the other dog is definitely an alpha male. Big dogs like Great Danes might also unknowingly hurt a little dog while playing.

Most dogs can't stand cats and you've got to be particularly careful having a Shih Tzu, because the cat's lengthy nails can certainly perform some serious harm to their protruding eyes.

4. Exercise

If you're searching for any buddy to participate for your five mile run each morning, don't think about this breed being an option. Shih Tzu have flat, short noses which means that they've breathlessness correctly. A brief walk neighborhood is they might require - anything.

5. Space and Indoor living

Should you remain in a condo with only a little space this breed is a great option. A Shih Tzu is the typical indoor dog and absolutely nothing can make him more happy rather than hear your voice the entire day and also to spend time along with you around the couch.

They don't tolerate heat perfectly and that's one more reason why they ought to stay inside. This is also true should you remain in a hot area.

6. Children

Shih Tzu are extremely well-liked by children. Their adorable expressions make sure they are probably the most popular family pets. They're small , fragile so consider you get one for those who have very youthful children who might not differentiate from a living animal along with a stuffed toy!

7. Snuffle and snoreThe up switched nose and small mouth, close together on the short face, cause some Shih Tzu to possess problems consuming plus they must only get water in shallow small bowls or via a consuming bottle much like individuals utilized by hamsters and guinea pigs. Their squashed nasal passages make sure they are more prone to snuffle and snore.