Chrome operating system was developed by Google so that it could take advantages of cloud computing which is well known for online storage and web applications. Those devices have additional Google products and services built it like automatic security updates and Google web apps like google music, google map, google docs and many mores which are run by Chrome OS. Some of their features are- 
 Select hardware 
Chrome OS is a complete computing environment like windows and Mac. It was specially designed for Google’s manufacturing partners which laptops called it Chromebooks and desktops called it chrome boxes. At present, it includes Chromebooks from Samsung, hp, and Acer which is for education and a premium Chromebook pixel which is for the higher price tag and higher resolution display. 
 Open source and Linux based 
It means that anyone can visualize and see the code underlying the operating system. It is mostly found on the chrome boxes and Chromebooks and you can install the operating system on any x86 PC or on the systems which run the ARM processors. 
 Cloud centric 
Along with chrome browser and file manager, all the applications that could be run on Chrome OS are web-based.it actually means that you are not allowed to install proprietary desktop software like Microsoft office or adobe photoshop on Chrome OS because of not being web applications. All things which can be run on chrome browser can be run on Chrome OS. if you work most of the time on chrome, then definitely Chrome OS might be for you. 
 Speed and simplicity 
Apps and web pages both are combined in a single dock, so it has a minimalist design. Chrome OS operates web apps primarily, it also contains low hardware requirements and does not use a lot of system resources. It is designed so that you can get the web as quickly as soon as possible. 
 Security built-in 
OS automatically updates for you so that you don’t have to think about viruses, malware, and security updates and also performs system self-checks at first startup which offers a guest mode for friends and for the family to use the Chrome OS device without operating it. 
 Included features 
Media player, a basic file manager with google drive online storage integration and the chrome shell is integrated into Chrome OS. Chrome OS has its pros and cons, however, not all apps work offline. For many users, it is considered as a secondary rather than the primary system. 
These were the short descriptions of features of the google chrome. If you are using it and facing any kind of problem, you can visit this site for technical support. Link