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The most striking novelty gameplay issue thus holds in the possibility of going in "freestyle" on many pieces studied for. Concretely, it's very simple: some portions of song will not impose the notes anymore and you will have to do your improvisations solo guitar, drums or singing. It's all stupid but very well done (a very useful tutorial explains how to do it to the best), and especially it adds to the festive side of Rock Band, since you obviously do not hesitate to let you go as much to the Only at the level of attitude. That adds a little fishing to a game that was already missing.
Classic, but terribly effective
If this Rock Band 4 does not necessarily impose itself by big innovations, if he does not venture to totally reinvent his formula as wishes to make his best enemy Guitar Hero Live, it has at least the merit of doing very well what he does. Sincerely, I do not see how one could embark on a game without having fun, especially in several obviously.
Firstly because the formula is devilishly effective, the gameplay terribly well tuned to make you kiffer each note (Harmonix's know-how is no longer to prove on this point) but also and especially because we have there A kind of ultimate version with tons of songs already proposed in DLC and others still to come, in which you will draw necessarily because everyone can find its account. In short, Rock Band 4 could have done much more but it immediately imposes itself as a sure value for the musical gaming evenings between friends. Harmonix has stayed a bit in his slippers with this new episode, very classic in its fashions and presentation. The arrival of the phases in free-style certainly brings a real plus, but the career remains classic and the new ideas n ' Have not really rockets. Despite everything, the developer's know-how in terms of gameplay has again struck and you will take a delight with every note, whether alone or between friends. Playing with a full band and chording the songs will take you to the end of the night, in joy and good humor, and will always be the guarantee of a successful evening. All this without forgetting of course the other highlight of Rock Band 4: it is compatible with the old instruments and with all the titles of the previous episodes, which make the discotheque possible to more than 1700 songs. Can not say that the license Transformers has been the most cherished of the video game. Lovers of beautiful bodies that speak and put bread in their steel trunks n ' Have never been entitled to a videoludic adaptation worthy of our memories of childhood. When the name PlatinumGames and Kenji Saito (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) came out of Activision's hat, it was legitimate to think that the future would not necessarily be placed under the sign of Cybertron. All that remained was to check the handle in hand.
The Decepticons, that dares everything. That's why we even recognize them. Michel Audiard was right because, once again, the band at Megatron scaffolded a wacky plan. One of the most
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