ne of the many petanques placed at our disposal

(Assault rifles, pomp, sniper, submachine guns, heavier artillery).
In this regard, it is worth noting that the overall grip is pretty well thought out, with intelligent use of the different keys, combining the best of both genres. We naturally direct the main character via analog sticks. Pressing the left one, he starts to run, one on the right one, he goes down (very useful for putting under cover behind a shelter). By pressing both at the same time, it makes a slide. This movement allows him to pass under the obstacles, to avoid the adverse assaults and to carry out flash attacks. Triggers, too, are used wisely: those on the left are used for tactical maneuvers such as aiming and dodging, while those on the right allow firing with firearms and throwing grenades. Finally,
In fact, there is little to say when it comes to the controls. Even in the vehicles that will have to be driven here and there, with a handling recalling the Warthog of Halo. A true guarant