Tips On Choosing The Best Electric Razor

Tips On Choosing The Best Electric Razor

A smooth shave is an important part of every man's day. Finding the right Electric Razor can improve the quality of your shave. Mens Electric Razors can range from £20 to well over £100 depending on features and quality. We have all the information required to find the best Mens Electric Razors available to buy.


Why Use an Electric Razor?

For many men, the convenience of an electric razor is what attracts them to use one in the first place.

An electric razor can provide a good close shave much faster than a traditional wet shave, and you also avoid any nasty cuts that can occur when wet shaving.
Add to this that it's easy to carry your razor with you and, if it's rechargeable, use it to have a shave whenever you need it you can easily begin to see the attractions.

There are many different brands of mens electric razors available, some of the most popular manufacturers according to online research are Philips, Braun, Remington, and Wahl.
Over the years I've tried many different models of electric razor so which is the best and what do the different types of razor offer?

Top Rated Mens Electric Razor Manufacturers



Philips is one of the best established and most respected manufacturers of rotary electric razors. Models such as the Philips Nivea Coolskin are well known and used by millions of men around the world.



Braun is one of the best and most well-known manufacturers of foil electric razors. One of their top selling models is the Braun Series 3 Wet and Dry Rechargeable Razor.



Remington manufactures a range of both rotary and foil electric razors. Models such as the best selling Remington R7130 have advanced features such as pivoting heads to ensure you get a smoother shave.
Wahl: Wahl is a well-established manufacturer of foil electric razors. Wahl's Ultima range offers a low cost foil electric razor that is rechargeable and has a three cut system to ensure a closer shave.

You have two choices when it comes to Electric Razors

1. Rotary Electric Razors

Rotary electric razors have two, three, or four separate rotating heads each protected by a thin grid as they glide across your face. Many rotary razors have heads that can pivot to follow the contours of your face ensuring a faster shave than those without pivoting heads.


2. Foil Electric Razors

Foil electric razors have a thin screen that protects the oscillating heads as the razor moves across your skin. They are generally quieter than rotary razors and can be easier to clean. In many tests, these razors are said to provide a closer shave.
Features of Mens Electric Razors
There are many different features available on the various models available, and these can have an impact on the price you can expect to pay.

Rechargeable Electric Razors: Not all electric razors are rechargeable. For some, especially in the lower price range, the razor will need to be plugged in while in use. This has obvious implications for where you can use the razor.


Quick Charge Facility: Most rechargeable razors have a quick charge facility when you need a shave in a hurry. While a full charge can usually take up to 60 minutes a shaver with this facility can get enough of a charge for a shave in a few minutes.

Long Hair Trimmer: Most rotary razors come with a long hair trimmer for side burns and moustaches.


Wet and Dry Shaving: An electric razor with this feature can be used in the shower.
Easy Cleaning Features: One of the most frustrating aspects of an electric razor is the need to clean it. This can often involve dismantling the razor and cleaning individual parts separately. An electric razor with easy clean facilities will be easier to look after and therefore last longer.
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