What are the Differences Between a Boutique Fitness Center and a Traditional Gym?

Posted by Esquared, 2 years ago

Fitness is a bigger part of our lives more than ever. Where your workout is fast becoming a big part of our lives too.

You probably know someone who is totally into CrossFit or loves hitting up their Spin classes a couple times a week.

The rise of an interest in fitness by mainstream society has led to many more ways to workout, like CrossFit and classes for different activities. There has also been an increase in different places to workout in.

When most people think of a gym they think of the big-name gym chains. But there is a rising star in new places for you to exercise: Boutique fitness centers and gyms.

But what is a boutique fitness center and what makes it different from a traditional gym?

What is a Boutique Fitness Center

A boutique fitness center is a typically small gym with focuses on small group classes and two or three specific fitness areas.

These gyms are usually more expensive than a traditional gym, and often have different payment deals. For example, you can pay for one class at a time but it’s more cost-effective to pay a large amount up front monthly or yearly.

An example of a boutique fitness center is a place like SoulCycle, or a local small gym that specializes in group kickboxing classes and one-on-one strength training.

Why Would You Become a Member of a Boutique Fitness Center

A boutique fitness center has numerous benefits depending on your exercise and fitness needs.

Major key advantages you would find in a small boutique gym:

●        Small group number or even 1-on-1 training

●        Trained and/or licensed knowledgeable trainers

●        Set schedule

●        Specializations in a few specific fitness areas


These factors make small boutique gyms stand out. There’s also the exclusivity factor. If you like having a place to yourself and not “open to the public,” then the exclusive feel of a boutique gym is for you.


Why Would You Prefer a Traditional Gym?

Although boutique gyms appeal to a growing number of people, traditional gym memberships still remain as popular as ever.

Compared to a small boutique, a traditional gym will almost always be bigger and have more equipment. This comes with being part of a larger chain, and having more space and money.

Small boutique gyms have their focus on niche fitness areas, so if you want to transition to doing a different activity you’ll have to find a new gym if your boutique gym doesn’t have the equipment you want.

Traditional gyms are more affordable. Also, their schedules and hours are more open. Maybe the biggest positive compared to a smaller boutique gym is that traditional gyms are open most hours of the day. The small boutiques typically operate in a small window.

The cons of a traditional gym are numerous too. Gyms tend to get crowded, especially after most people’s regular working hours.

Traditional gyms also don’t have the expertise of trainers in specific fitness areas.

As with anything else, take this information and continue researching to figure out if a traditional gym is right for you, or if a smaller boutique fitness center is the best way to go.

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