Air mattresses and Back Problems

There is a large number of articles and plenty of comforter product literature that enhance buying a new orthopedic mattress as a solution to solve various back and sleeping problems.


The concept of improving back support and sleep quality by obtaining a better quality mattress is not just a new one and, generally, there is a lot of evidence to support this idea. A good quality well-built bed must be better than a negative quality badly made just one and the result must be greater body support during sleep.


However , one often forgotten problem with back related problems is the fact that that, whilst a good mattress or bed can help a difficult back, many back difficulties are in fact caused by a poor bed with inadequate support in the first place. This means that it is every bit while important to dispose of an under-performing or unsuitable bed while it is to buy a new one.




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The real reason for a bed or mattress causing back problems might be that -


The understructure is unsuitable for your body or sleeping posture of the person using it.


It may be inexpensive and badly made.


It may have become damaged or cemented on time.

Whatever the cause, a good mattress that does not provide ample body support, and especially adequate back support, typically have a health related effect on anybody or people sleeping onto it. When this is the case action needs to be taken.


How to find out if a mattress is harmed, worn, or causing back again related health problems


All too often your bed is ignored when there is a good back related health problem, nevertheless it really may be the cause and, if, it is a simple one to fix. A new bed costs dollars, but if it impacts in your health it is a small cost to pay.


How to look at your sleeping surface


You can start by means of removing all the bedding from bed and mattress. This will likely enable you to make a thorough inspection of the bed.


Start by visually checking the top "level" surface of the mattress.


Does it have any lumps, depressions, unevenness, inclines, ridges or any other clear imperfections. Move around the bed and make sure that you have good illumination in order that you do not miss anything.


Next feel the mattress. This will enable you to find any hard or simply soft spots. There may be areas where the mattress has partially collapsed or where a spring is broken or ruined.


With foam mattresses you will be able to feel areas that are overly firm and no for a longer time shape and mould the way they will should.


How to physically check the bed: Check the mattress simply by pressing the flat palms of both hands down on the mattress. Start at 1 corner and then move up and down and from one side to the other until you have checked the entire bed. If you think maybe any lumps or problems, this is a tell star sign that your mattress desires replacing and it may explain any back or arm or leg aches from which you may be battling.


Finally, having noted the position of any problem areas, try laying down on the bed to check out if you are now physically aware about these hard or delicate spots. You will probably discover that, once you are aware of them, you can now come to feel them pressing

against your back, arms or thighs. It does not take too much thoughts to figure out the effects that these mistakes will have on your body after a night lying down on them.

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