Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Diversions in Diversity

Wild Orchid Resort Subic: Diversions in Diversity


Whether one’s idea of vacationing is merely lazing on a pool under the sun and feeling the wind and water caress your body, playing rounds of billiards with friends or merely listening to your favorite music in a bar, there is a place where such diversity can be had to one’s complete satisfaction. Wild Orchid Resort Subic offers these and other various amenities for the wandering soul as well as for the enterprising individual.


Located right beside the generally calm, blue bay of Subic, Wild Orchid Resort is the perfect solution for family and official events, such as out-of-town conferences, workshops, wedding parties and other social occasions. With a capacity of 100 persons, the Wild Orchid Conference Room provides full-service catering and comfortable amenities and facilities for various indoor group events. The real fun for most people is that after all the serious or ritual activities are done, there is the beautiful outdoor scenery and recreational facilities to provide diversion from the tiresome working and socializing.


It is ironic that a resort as exotic as Wild Orchid, not just in name but in ambience and essence as well, caters to formal events whereas we all know that most people daydream of spending more time dipping in the pool or snorkeling instead of being inside the conference room. But the realities of life require us all to have a balanced life and a healthy outlook. Hence, the variety of facilities and activities a resort can provide determines its value and strength compared with others.


So what does Wild Orchid have to offer aside from its world-class conference room facilities and services? What other indoor activities does it offer?


There is Fishbone Café, for one, which offers early morning perking-up for the sleepy sojourner. It also provides a la carte dining for a group of 30 people. You need Wi-Fi? It is yours free at Fishbone Café. People look for it everywhere they go to keep in touch.


Moby Dicks Mermaid Tavern offers billiard players a chance to use their skills at knocking down balls. It is a serious game for aficionados, admittedly; but it has also become a great recreation for fun-loving people, including the younger generation. It has become a game families can engage in publicly without being looked down upon as it used to be so in the past. With modern, sleek billiard tables available inside well designed pool rooms, players will have the chance to either feel at ease or as if they are competing in a real pool competition.


Of course, if condos nowadays have gyms, a resort also has its in-house gym for those who cannot miss their regular muscle-pumping regimen. Trained professional coaches are on hand to assist guests and to assure their safety and a beneficial workout. 


These and more can be yours at this easily reachable place by the serene waters of Subic Bay. Yes, you may have them somewhere else; but you can hardly find a more congenial and memorable place to do these activities. Wild Orchid Resort Subic has these waiting for you and packaged in an environment not so tiring for the body, soul and mind to reach.