The Importance of Inspecting Your Rental Property

The Importance of Inspecting Your Rental Property

When you own property, it’s important to maintain it, enforce the property rules and perform regular inspections. This will keep your rentals in peak condition and ensure you’re renting to the best tenants possible. A good property manager can help you with this maintenance and inspection. Regular inspections have various benefits, including giving you an opportunity to learn about your property and tenants, uncovering unauthorized residents and uncovering major maintenance issues.


What Should Your Maintenance Schedule Be?

Your property manager should inspect your rental property on a regular basis, including:

  • Before a tenant moves in
  • After a tenant moves out
  • Before a lease renewal
  • Six months after renting to a new tenant

The property should also be inspected whenever there’s a major concern or emergency repairs are needed. For example, if a tenant makes excessive maintenance requests or is abnormally late on rental payments. An inspection can uncover additional maintenance issues, deliberate sabotage or a change in the tenant’s financial situation.


Inspections Are Learning Opportunities

Inspections are learning opportunities for owners, managers and occupants. They can teach you more about certain aspects of your property, as well as how to care for them. Property managers can also get the inside track on common maintenance issues or neglected areas, and occupants can learn how to better maintain appliances and other major components of their rental. Additionally, the property manager can use inspections to gather feedback and provide maintenance instructions to employees and tenants.


Uncover Unauthorized Tenants and/or ‘Squatters’

The best property management companies in Edmonton will set and enforce strict rules for occupancy, and perform routine inspections to uncover violations. Unauthorized roommates or occupants can be a major issue if you own multiple rentals and fail to follow a regular maintenance schedule. Regular inspections can also uncover pet policy violations.


Inspections Can Uncover Major Maintenance Issues

During every inspection, your property manager should take note of cleanliness and upkeep. How well your tenants maintain their rentals could reflect how well property management is performing. Maintenance of common areas, plumbing, heating and cooling appliances, major building structures (i.e. the roof) is also important and a reflection of management. Your property management expert should:

  • Change air dirty filters
  • Check for structural issues within the building
  • Perform a visual inspection for mold, bug and rodent infestations
  • Check for leaks, clogs and other plumbing issues
  • Look out for blockages that could hinder air conditioner or furnace performance
  • Inspect for damage or vandalism

Give your property manager the room to fix every issue, as they have the knowledge and experience. Remember that any small issue can turn into a major one. If you're looking for reputable property management in Edmonton, look no further than Group Three Property Management!