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muser famous - tely, the enemies are much smarter, without renewing the tour de force of the original in its time. The very uneven VF and the almost agreed scenario will both be set aside in favor of an epic staging in the phases of the game itself, visually, but also via an exceptional soundtrack since the soldiers' pikes There is even a "DTC the Covenant!") Until the music. But it is difficult for a trilogy conclusion to be satisfied with this: OK it is very playable, well done, trippant at times, but it still does not equal the first and its discovery of the Halo, it lacks interesting revelations and Of exotic environments ... this is, to summarize, only Halo 2 better calibrated. The equipment is an important addition for those who play legendary or heroic - which is to be advised to all players who progress tactically rather than strength, to enjoy the solo. ng your learning of game design. It is i muser famous , finally, everything depends on his style, but without being very long, this campaign delivers the quota of hours