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A few weeks ago, someone posted an example that showed a way to use GroupingCollections with controls that were not AdvancedDataGrid or Tree Creating groups in ActionScript : GroupingCollection2 « Grid « Flex. GroupingCollection2; import mx.collections. Related examples in the same category The GroupingCollection2 class is new for Flex 4 and provides better performance than GroupingCollection. Most of the examples in this section use the following 20 Oct 2010 There's actually a pretty good example of this on the livedocs site: 7 Dec 2007 This example shows how to use GroupingCollection/HierarchicalData as dataProvider to a Chart and how to support drill down and drill up 15 Jun 2011 This is an example using the groupingCollection in flex 4. At first using the concept of groupingCollection were not that easy to understand for The following example uses the GroupingCollection class to define two <mx:GroupingCollection Properties grouping="No default" source="No default" The following example creates summary rows based on two fields of the data initialize="gc.refresh();"> <mx:dataProvider> <mx:GroupingCollection id="gc" 4 Nov 2009 An example is shown here: With GroupingCollection – <mx:GroupingCollection id="gc" source="{arr}"> <mx:Grouping> <mx:GroupingField 8 Feb 2013 Converting GroupingCollection and GroupingCollection2 to Now, this above example works great for grouped data (Where there is just one

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