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Just farm some void and rift sets, sell them, and you will have your 2m. maybe farming a few levels that have a high gold drop. If you say bosses then you are the luckiest person in pocket Legends. 10 May 2016 21 Mar 2015 Welcome to “Making Platinum in Rift” where I look at ways to make platinum in RIFT. I've got guides from back in 2013 that have been updated 14 Nov 2015 25 Sep 2014 10 Oct 2014 5 Aug 2013 Whether you are new to the game or a long-term veteran, finding ways of making platinum is always good knowledge to have in Rift. Hey guys, This guide is mostly for the newcomers of Rift, but of course some of the vets Some might say "crafting", but Crafting in Rift + making platinium will take ages Join Date: Oct 2014; Posts: 3,837 .. As I tested, most easy way to farm platinum for new players without AH is old expert dungeons. 21 Mar 2015 Archive | Making Platinum in Rift RSS feed for this archive April 24, 2014 | Khortish | 2 Comments Guide: Making Platinum without the AH. 4 Dec 2013 Making Platinum without the use of the Auction House (“AH”) is something that As a F2P player, you can use an item called REX: Rift Exchange that you can .. RiftGrate | Guide: Making platinum in Rift - January 27, 2014.

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