Apple's New App Store Rules Affect The Kindle, Other Non

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You iPhone users won't believe this, but there's no official wayto install online shopping from a PC. Seriously. You'd thinkGoogle of all companies would've sorted that out, but no.Which is where the unofficial AppBrain app comes in. Lettingusers queue up Market downloads via PC and have themsent to mobile, you're also able to generate an embeddablecode that displays your currently installed appson a web site.

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Once you are clear with what and how, it's time to define when. A development plan document needs to be created to list down your decisions - the process, targetaudience, features of the app, your schedule, tools you will need, extra help you might need (may be a designer) and the expected cost.

You may be in a great position right now, and be happy with all the areas in your life, including your finances, and that is great for you. But if you have been affectedby the recession, lost your job, have debts up to your eyebrows and beyond, then you seriously need to consider where you are at, and what you are goingto do about it. Consider the choices you have.

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