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2 Mar 2012 The subclassing functions are: SetWindowSubclass. GetWindowSubclass. RemoveWindowSubclass. DefSubclassProc. 22 Nov 2015 11 Mar 2012 HWND button = GetDlgItem(hwndDlg, IDC_EDIT1); SetWindowSubclass(button, OwnerDrawButtonProc, 0, 0); return TRUE; case WM_CLOSE: 17 Mar 2014 Download Custom Draw Example - 64 KB .. The SetWindowSubclass() based API solves both of these issues (assuming all subclasses of the namely DefSubclassProc, RemoveWindowSubclass and SetWindowSubclass. In this simple example a button control is subclassed in order to enable 14 May 2017 I did find examples suggesting i use an alternate API, or use SetWindowLongPtr, I am told that SetWindowSubclass is the better option. I'm specifically interested in seeing an actual implementation of SetWindowSubclass() and it's related functions rather than the older way of For example: SetWindowSubClass(hwnd, &mySubClassProc, 1, 0); LRESULT CALLBACK mySubClassProc(HWND hWnd, UINT uMsg, The subclassing example I picked for this is validating whether text typed lpfn As Long) As Long Subclass = SetWindowSubclass(hWnd, lpfn, Can anyone help me as to how I would use SetWindowSubclass to add my own WndProc so that I can filter out the messages that I want the

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