Trusting your dentist: is it ever possible?

We are all inherently built to only trust a certain number of people. After all, there are so many people in the world, and it would be impossible to be able to keep track of everything that they all say and do! From the moment that we can understand our parents, they teach us who to believe and who to ignore, what a stranger is and how you should never go near one, and who it is ok to hug and who to avoid. Even when we get older, we all know about – and usually laugh about – the different professions that you should never trust. Lawyers, estate agents, bankers: no matter what country you in, or how old you are, we seem to have an in-built dislike of anyone who is out there to take our money! And then there are the professions that actually frighten us a bit. We all know what we’re talking about: dentists.

It is not that dentists have ever done anything wrong, of course. Almost all of them are friendly, likeable people. It is just that the career itself makes us feel uncomfortable, and as so many people across the world are afraid of the dentist, that can make it almost impossible to completely trust them. How many people have avoided their next dental appointment, even if you know that you need to go, just because they make you feel a little uncomfortable? It’s certainly a problem in some areas more than others, but the trouble is that there are many dentists that really do not help themselves. When scandals such as the mercury scandal get revealed, all of that trust that has been built up by members of the dental community is suddenly lost.

If you have not heard of the mercury scandal, that is no surprise, as many within the dental profession have worked hard to keep it hidden. The root of the matter is that for many years, the metal mercury was being used as a key component for dental fillings, and that was what gave them that silvery color. However, the mercury was also giving those patients tiny little amounts of mercury in their bloodstream, and over time this could build up to cause a whole plethora of health problems, including deafness, blindness, madness, and eventual death. It is truly shocking that this was allowed to continue for so long, and it is even more outrageous that there are still dentists who use mercury in their treatments – it was never actually banned, despite it being very dangerous for patients.

No wonder so many people do not trust dentists – although there are a number in the profession who are working very hard to ensure that they do not ever put their patients at risk in the same way that previous generations of dentists have. They are biocompatible dentists, and they gained their name for refusing to use anything within their treatment that was not directly compatible with our biology, ensuring that absolutely nothing that could in any way be considered poisonous ever went anywhere near us. If you are going to trust one kind of dentist than a biocompatible dentist is the one to go for, because they always ensure that you are completely aware of what they are doing, checking with you at every step of the way to ensure that you are happy with their decisions. That is exactly what a trustworthy person should be doing after all – it is just a shame that it took the biocompatible dentists to make it happen!