Guide Til Kosttilskud

Guide Til Kosttilskud


When exercising to build muscle, it is important that the body gets enough fuel. Here is protein essential. The body uses, for example, protein to build muscle, joints, hair, skin and other tissues. If your body does not get enough protein, it can not build up the muscles you want.

Netop derfor er det vigtigt at indtage kosttilskud i form af protein when you work out. You will experience a greater effect by consuming a portion of protein powder immediately after your workout. You can benefit from this supplement by consuming protein powder several times a day when you work out. For example, you can Take a protein shake when you wake up in the morning and one just before going to bed in the evening if you are having trouble eating for the protein intake you need.

Protein powder provides an effective protein supplement

Protein powder is simply powdered protein. It is found in several different types broken down by what the protein is derived from. The most used protein powder is derived from whey extracted from milk.

In English, whey protein is called whey protein . That is why many protein powders - also LinusPro Nutrition's whey protein powder - are called something with "whey".

Whey protein is absorbed faster in the body than most other types of protein powders. Therefore, it is very suitable to ingest right after exercise because your muscles need protein to grow as soon as they start to recover after your workouts.

Der findes også proteinpulvere, der er udvundet af andre typer protein. You can, for example, have protein powder based on rice, soya and egg whites. However, whey protein is the most common, as it tastes better, partly, is cheaper than the other types and because it is what is called a complete protein. Ie You get all the amino acids you need through the powder.