Dragon Mania Legends Insider Tips

The most dynamic individual from the week will be granted Clan Event MVP Icon.png status and a specific measure of Clan Coins, contingent upon the class their Clan is in. Individuals can see the present MVP rankings by setting off to the menu where formulas can be cooked and squeezing the MVP Ranking Button.png catch. The rankings can likewise be gotten to by opening the Clan interface, choosing the Clan Ranking Button.png alternative, at that point squeezing the Clan Event MVP Tab.png tab. The last choice can likewise be utilized when there is no continuous Clan Event, while the previous must be utilized amid a progressing occasion. dragon mania legends hack

Leaderboard Prizes 

The race track can be gotten to by heading off to the menu where formulas can be cooked and squeezing the Event Leaderboard Button.png catch. Here, the present score of every Clan can be seen, the time left until the point that the occasion closes, every Clan's as of now dynamic Clan Dragon and their position on the race track, the focuses required for every turning point, and the Information Button.png and Rewards Button.png catches. Squeezing both of these two will raise the leaderboard prizes, yet the previous catch vanishes if the Clan has scored the base expected to fit the bill for the leaderboard, and in addition the content in the left of it, and is supplanted by The Great Dragon Race Icon.png symbol. 

Families need to score a specific least keeping in mind the end goal to be qualified for accepting the prizes from the leaderboard. In this manner, Clans in League 1 should score at least 500, those in League 2 at least 1,000, those in League 3 at least 5,000, and those in League 4 at least 10,000. Families not achieving that base score won't get any of the conceivable prizes, paying little respect to their last positioning toward the finish of the occasion. The compensated card pack gives Dragon Pieces just for Clan Dragons, except for Chip, and the sum is in connection to the Clan's last positioning. While guaranteeing fabulous prizes, it is conceivable to get cards for Clan Dragons officially claimed. 

As just a single of every Dragon can be claimed, the material card will consequently be made up for by being supplanted with a specific measure of Clan Coins if this happens. In this manner, 50 are given for Ruptia, 125 for Striker, 200 for Gravelis, 350 for Amoura, and 500 for Brimstone, Kutter and Boone.

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